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The FlexRay communication protocol describes a proposal for a dependable automotive network. The communication protocol was developed by the car industry and is going to be used in the next generation of cars.

''In recent years there has been a significant increase in the amount of electronics that have been introduced into the car, and this trend is expected to continue as car companies introduce further advances in safety, reliability and comfort.

The introduction of advanced control systems combining multiple sensors, actuators and electronic control units are beginning to place demands on the communication technology that are not currently addressed by existing communication protocols.ยดยด


In the seminar, we will gain insights into the protocol and figure out how its correctness can be verified. Additionally, we examine certain interesting aspects of the Time Triggered Architecture (TTA), an academic predecessor of FlexRay.

The seminar is held in english, however, written reports in German are welcome.

The bibliography is online and the topics are assigned now (see schedule).

We plan to meet on Wednesday, the time will soon be announced by e-mail. Additionally, there are some general notes to the seminar online.