Date Time Room Topic Student
27-9-20051:00 PM3.28 Introduction into FlexRay (M) Peter Böhm
27-9-20051:30 PM3.28 FlexRay: Coding and Decoding, Media Access Contol,
Frame and Symbol Processing (M)
Michael Gerke
28-9-20051:00 PM3.28 FlexRay: Wakeup and Startup, Clock Synchronization (M) Sergii Kosov
28-9-20052:00 PM3.28 Introduction into TTA (M) Peter Böhm
29-9-20051:00 PM3.28 Verification of the Membership Algorithm and
Integration with Clock Synchronization (E)
Cosmin Condea
7-10-20051:00 PM3.28 Verification of Clock Synchronization Algorithms (E)
(Original Welch-Lynch Algorithm and adoption to TTA)
Christian Müller
14-10-20052:00 PM3.28 A Formal Model for Coding and Decoding in FlexRay Michael Gerke
21-10-20051:00 PM3.28 A Formal Model for Media Access Control and
Frame and Symbol Processing in FlexRay
Peter Böhm
21-10-20052:00 PM3.28 FlexRay: Wakeup and Startup Sergii Kosov

The tutor is given in parentheses after the topic:

    (E) Eyad Alkassar and
    (M) Matthias Daum.

We have assembled some general notes regarding our seminars, that you should have read.