Invariants, Modularity, and Rights

Ernie Cohen and Eyad Alkassar and Vladimir Boyarinov and Markus Dahlweid and Ulan Degenbaev and Mark Hillebrand and Bruno Langenstein and Dirk Leinenbach and Micha{\l} Moskal and Steven Obua and Wolfgang Paul and Hristo Pentchev and Elena Petrova and Thomas Santen and Norbert Schirmer and Sabine Schmaltz and Wolfram Schulte and Andrey Shadrin and Stephan Tobies and Alexandra Tsyban and Sergey Tverdyshev

Invited paper on PSI, 2009


The quest for modular concurrency reasoning has led to recent proposals that extend program assertions to include not just knowledge about the state, but rights to access the state. We argue that these rights are really just sugar for knowledge that certain updates preserve certain invariants.

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Norbert Schirmer