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Computer Architecture 2
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In this class we treat three subjects

1) Floating-Point Units:
We formalize the IEEE floating point standard and develop an appropriate theory of rounding. Then we proceed to construct a dual precision floating point unit and prove that it is fully compatible with the IEEE standard.

2) Interfaces for Real Time Busses:
We define the protocol of a real time bus similar to the FlexRay bus used in the German automotive industry. Because different control units on such a bus have oszillators with almost but not completely equal frequency the construction of interfaces for such busses is far from trivial. In particular one has to construct serial interfaces for the transmission of messages across clock domains, one has to implement clock synchronisation for the timers in different interfaces and one has to show the absence of bus contention on the bus, that is shared by interfaces from different clock domains.

3) Out-of-order Execution of Instructions:
We construct a Tomasulo scheduler and show that the resulting processor hardware emulates sequential instruction execution

In case we have time left we will try to extend the shared memory machine construction of last semesters computer architecture I lecture by memory management units.

Being familiar with the content of last semester's computer architecture I lecture is clearly helpful but not strictly necessary.
Organizational information
  • Lectures will be held on Tuesday, 14-16h and Thursday, 14-16h. First lecture: 18th Oct 2011
  • Registration for the lecture is mandatory and open until the end of October (see link above)
  • Also register for the exam in the HISPOS system!
  • Every Tuesday an exercise sheet will be handed out.
  • The tutorial takes place Thursday, 16-18h in E1.7 (Excelence Cluster Building) SR 323. First tutorial: 27th Oct 2011
  • Exam Prerequisites:
    In order to be admitted to the exam you have to achieve 50% of all exercise points.
    In addition each student has to present at least two exercise solutions.
  • Exam:
    You have to pass one oral exam taking place on March 5th.
  • The oral exam takes place on Monday, March 5th. Please register with the assistant to get a time slot! Groups of up to two persons are accepted per examination. Do not forget to register for the exam in HISPOS as well!