Institut für Rechnerarchitektur
und Parallelrechner
Main Page
1) Floating point units
  • IEEE standard
  • Theory of rounding
  • FPU construction
  • Add/subtract unit
  • Multiply/divide unit
    • Multipliers (Booth-Recoding)
  • Rounding
2) Automotive systems
  • Electronic control units
  • OSEK-Time
  • FlexRay like interfaces
  • Clock synchronization
3) Multi-Core Architectures (Memory Model of X64 Processors)
  • Out-Of-Order Schedulers
  • Multilevel Address Translations
  • Cache Coherency Protocols
Organizational questions
  • Every Monday an exercise sheet will be handed out.
  • Every Thursday (16-18h, building E1.3, room 328) starting at November 6th there will be a tutorial.
Exam Prerequisites: In order to be admitted to the exam you have to achieve 50% of all exercise points.
In addition each student has to present at least four solutions of an exercise.
Exam: You have to pass one oral exam taking place at the end of the semester (the date of the exam will be announced in the beginning of January
  • The oral exam is on Wednesday, February 18 at 10:00 (in the office of Prof. Paul).