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After this lecture students know how to design IEEE compatible floationg point units and some form of parallel computer system.
General comment: Constructions are usually presented together with correctness proofs.

You have to pass one oral exam taking place at the end of the semester: 07.03.06 or 08.03.06

Exam Prerequisites:
In order to be admitted to the exam you have to achieve 50% of all exercise points.
In addition each student has to present one solution of an exercise at least four times.
Basics of Floating Point Computation:
IEEE standard
Theory of rounding
FPU construction
Add/subtract unit
Multiply/divide unit

Automotive systems hardware:
Serial interfaces
Clock synchronization
FlexRay like interfaces
Electronic control units

Automotive systems software:
An OSEKtime like programming model
An OSEKtime like real-time operating system
Worst-case execution time
Pervasive correctness proof
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