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Within this practical core lecture, we will deal with the specification, implementation, correctness, and evaluation of computer hardware.

The following topics will be covered:
- Basics: Combinational & Clocked circuits
- DLX instruction set architecture
- DLX implementation: Sequential, Pipelined implementation, Improved pipelined implementation (forwarding, branch prediction)
- Memory system with caches: In order to gain fast memory accesses, a memory system with caches will be presented.
- Virtual memory support: A virtual memory support is essential for multitasking operating systems; topics like memory management units are covered.
- I/O Device support
A support for I/O devices is essential for user interaction, networking, or data storage.

Organizational stuff
  • Every Monday an exercise sheet will be handed out.
  • Tutorials: every Thursday, 16:00-18:00, Building Mathematics E2 5, Seminar 01.
  • Office hours of the teaching assistent: Fridays 14-16h (building E1.3, room 324).
  • Course starts on Wednesday, 22.04.2009.
  • Please, register for the course in the registration section.
  • The extra lecture for those who did not attend Systemarchitectur is on 30.04.09 (Thursday) at 16:00 in our department (meet near Room 305, E1.3).
  • The schedule for tutorials is fixed. The first tutorial is on Thursday, 14.05.2009
  • The lecture on 25.05.09 (Monday) is cancelled. On 25.05.09, please, bring your solutions to Office 324 E1.3 (ask Christian Müller) or, if closed, to our secretary (Office 304, E1.3). This Monday you do not get the next excercise sheet!
  • Since on this Thursday (11.06.09) there is a day-off (and no tutorial), the Exercise 3 in Exercise Sheet 5 is cancelled!
  • ATTENTION: The date for the exam is fixed: 15 September 2009 . The form of the exam: oral. Time slots for couples of students will be provided later. If you ve got any questions, consult us.
  • The list of students admitted for the exam and the schedule are now available.
  • Computer Architecture re-examination will be on 16.10.2009, at 16:00-18:00, in Prof. Paul's office. We do not provide the time slots for each pair of students. You must be present at the beginning of the exam and wait for your turn.