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Theoretical Computer Science
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This block course treats the same topics as the lecture 'Theoretische Informatik' from our Bachelor program where it has to be taught in German. Contents of the lecture:

1. Formal languages
- regular languages and finite automata, pumping lemma
- context free languages and pushdown automata, pumping lemma

2. Computability
- Recursive functions
- Turing machines
- Churchs thesis
- Undecidability of the Halting problem
- Recursion Theorem

3. Logics
- Elementary arithmetic
- Goedels incompleteness theorems

4. Complexity Theory
- Turing Machine Complexity Classes
- Hierarchy Theorems
- NP-completeness
- Speedup and Gap theorem
- Kolmogorov complexity
- More on separation of complexity classes

Organizational information
  • Lectures will be given Mon to Thu 10:00 - 12:00 from Feb 17 to Mar 27 2014
  • Lecture hall: LH 003 E1.3, except for 26.02, 13.03,20.03,26.03 - LH 002 E1.3
  • Registration for the lecture is mandatory and is now open
  • Also register for the exam in the HISPOS system!
  • Two exercise sheets will be handed out and collected every week: on Monday and on Wednesday.
  • There will be two Tutorials every week: Monday 13-15, Wednesday 14-16, Room 328 E1.3
  • Exam Prerequisites:
    In order to be admitted to the exam you have to achieve 50% of all exercise points.
    In addition each student has to present at least two exercise solutions in the tutorial.
  • Exam:
    You have to pass one oral exam.
  • Exam will take place on March 28 2014 starting at 10:00 in Room 328 E1.3. Re-exam will take place on April 28 at 10:00 in Room 328 E1.3.
Lecture evaluation
Auswertungsinformation Informatik 
Evaluation WS13/14 - Theoretical Computer Science