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This lecture addresses students who do not speak German. It simply presents the content of basic lecture 'Systemarchitektur' in English. The lecture has three major parts.
i) Hardware: a MIPS processor is designed at the gate level, and it is shown that it works.
ii) Compiler: for a fairly large subset C0 of C a compiler is constructed and its correctness is shown.
iii) Operating system kernel: a small generic operating system kernel for MIPS processors is written in C0 + MIPS assembly language. Using compiler correctness theory we construct semantics for C0 + assembly programs and then show that the kernel construction is correct.

Clearly this looks like very much material for a single class. The reason why we can fit that much material in a single class are the correctness proofs. If we present a construction in the classroom, we should explain anyway why it works. Mathematical correctness proofs happen to be a very fast way to present these explanations.
Organizational stuff
  • Exam Prerequisites: In order to be admitted to the exam you have to achieve 50% of all exercise points.
  • Exam date: 19.09 10:00 (room 517 E1.3), re-exam date: 16.10 10:00 (room 328 E1.3).
  • The lecture will be given 05.08.13-12.09.13, Mo-Do 10:00 - 12:00.
  • Room:
    05.08. - 02.09. HS003 in E1.3,
    03.09. HS IV in E2.4,
    04.09. - 12.09. HS003 in E1.3
  • An exercise sheet will be handed out every Monday/Wednesday and collected the next Monday/Wednesday before the lecture.
  • You can solve exercises either alone or in groups up to three people.
  • Tutorial schedules:
  • Monday/Wednesday 14:00-15:30
  • Rooms: HS001 in E1.3(04.09), SR007 in E2.1 (11.09), HS003 in E1.3(09.09,16.09,18.09)
  • The first exercise sheet will be handed out on Wednesday Aug. 7 and will be collected on Monday Aug. 12. Tutorials will start on Wednesday Aug. 14.
  • You can choose your exercise group when submitting your first exercise sheet on Aug. 12 (before the lecture). We want the students to be divided roughly equally between two groups. Hence, those who submit their exercise sheets later than others might have no choice of the group left.
  • Office hours of the teaching assistant: please, write me an email first to kovalev[at] with the proposed time when you want to see me.
  • Oral exam schedule is available in the "Examination" section.