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TWiki is short for TakeFive Wiki, the name of the company where its founder worked. (It was later discovered that Twiki is also the name of an AI robot that co-starred in the Buck Rogers... movie and TV series from 1979 [...].)

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This Homepage

This homepage is made with the help of TWiki and the TWiki:Plugins/PublishAddOn, which generates static HTML from TWiki sites. With some additional tweaking, I think, the solution is adequate. The features which I am happy to use are: The homepage is generated when I push a button in my local TWiki system and is then uploaded to the server.

Mirroring Attachments in a TWiki Web

I have written a perl script intended for mirroring the attachments of a remote TWiki web. The script tries to be friendly on the server by first requesting an index page of the topics in the target web and comparing the change dates listed on that page with the last known change dates. Then, it visits the attachment tables of the updated or new topics and constructs a list of attachments which are to be mirrored. Afterwards, it mirrors them (i.e. it downloads them if they are newer than a local copy, if available). Note that this procedure applies to (and is of interest to) TWiki configurations which do not have the /pub directory browsable.

Visit MirrorTWikiAttachments for documentation and download.

Command-line Tools

Having to quickly convert a web page generated by a self-made YAML solution, I have come up with a small number of low-level command-line tools, which allow creation of, editing of and attaching to topics. Unfortunately, these tools are not yet fit for being placed here. Although they already solve a number of technical issues, it is not clear if the low-level approach is advisable since it can easily break the file structure or conventions of the TWiki system.

A cleaner solution would take advantage of the infrastructure already provided by the binaries of the TWiki system. Basically, by debugging features of the CGI perl module, these binaries already can take arguments supplied from the command line. However, they all operate on single topics only and have to be extended or called by a wrapper for mass- or batch operations.

Running TWiki as a Local CGI

W3M provides a feature known as local CGI which allows to run CGI scripts residing on the file system directly under the user account without a web server (cf. WwwWoMiru#Local_CGIs). For getting things done quick and locally (such as this homepage), this could be a nice an easy solution to have a TWiki system running on-demand only. However, it is rather difficult to get this to work because of the intricate directory structure of the TWiki that is not easily supported in w3m.

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